Wikiversity:Wikiversity teachers

In this resource the people here set out to orientate you, as a teacher, in the use and potential of Wikiversity for teaching. Anyone can take on a teaching role at Wikiversity, regardless of their background. You can participate in learning activities and create learning resources. Educators, school teachers, university professors, teacher trainees, group leaders in the informal educator sector, and students in a conventional education institution can teach as well. Other roles which might interest you include: learner, researcher, custodian.

Is Wikiversity a "university", a school, a playground or what?

A university...
...or a playground?

Yes to all.

The word "university" is derived from the Latin “universitas”, which is short for "universitas magistrorum et scholarium", meaning roughly "community of masters and scholars". At Wikiversity, the terms "learner" and "teacher" are likely to be used rather than "scholar" and "master". The distinction between learners and teachers at Wikiversity is fuzzy. As soon as a student learns something, they are expected to share what they have learned with the community and so they become the teacher.

A playground is no less a place of learning than the most venerable of universities. Wikiversity is everything from playground to research institute, and it does not discriminate or judge anyone for being more one than the other.

However in one sense, Wikiversity is neither university nor school: it has no accreditation as such, because it is not an institution that grants university degrees or school leaving/graduation certificates. You can find out more here about what Wikiversity is and what Wikiversity is not.