Wikiversity:Reliable sources

Green check.pngThe page documents an official English Wikiversity policy with wide acceptance by participants as a standard you should follow. Please propose and discuss changes to ensure your revisions reflects consensus.

Wikiversity pages should cite reliable published sources whenever possible. Sometimes it might be suitable to cite scholarly peer-reviewed research that has been performed at Wikiversity. This page provides guidance about how to identify these kinds of sources and distinguish them from unreliable sources. The policy page that discusses the need to use sources is Wikiversity:Verifiability.

If you can provide useful information to Wikiversity, please do so, but bear in mind that edits for which no reliable references are provided may be removed to corresponding talk pages for discussion. The responsibility for finding and adding references lies with the person adding material, and sources should be provided whenever possible.

Wikiversity has many learning communities that are devoted to study of particular subjects. Each scholarly discipline has standards for judging the reliability of sources. As a Wikiversity participant, you should learn about the scholarly practices that are used in the study of topics that are of interest to you. When you contribute to Wikiversity pages, cite sources that are considered to be reliable by experts who publish in peer-reviewed sources.


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