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This page provides a general discussion about Wikiversity learning projects: their purpose, how to start and manage them, and how to support the learning goals of Wikiversity participants through the development of learning projects. To look over existing learning projects or start a new one please proceed to Portal:Learning Projects. For a conceptual overview of what some others believe learning projects to be please continue reading here.

What is a learning project?

A "learning project" is one of the primary units of which Wikiversity consists. Wikipedia has articles, Wikibooks has books, and Wikiversity has learning projects. But what is a learning project?

  • A project is a collection of pages: this is one of the fundamental differences between Wikiversity and Wikipedia. Wikipedia's articles are single-page entities. Wikiversity's learning projects are multi-page entities. There is good reason for this: we have found that when people create educational resources, a single page simply doesn't work. Wikiversity deals with multi-page entities (projects), because this is what its educational mission requires. Of course, every project starts as a simple single page. It grows into a connected collection of pages over time.
  • A learning project is a collection of pages devoted to learning which centre around some kind of topic or theme. There's nothing particularly magical or hidden to its meaning. If you are an educator, you've probably made plenty of "learning projects" before elsewhere: every time you sit down and make a small website or a sequence of web pages on an educational topic for your classes, it's a learning project. If you've set up a course on Moodle or some other Learning Management System (LMS)/Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), it could be called a learning project.
  • Beyond that, a learning project is whatever you want it to be. A learning project can be a page if you would like it to be. The "learning project" is a bottom-up concept, not a top-down concept; nobody from above imposes an idea on you of what it is you have to create; it is the ordinary users at the "bottom" who explore the possibilities of the wiki for creating educational resources the way they want them to be.
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