Wikiversity:Interactive learning resources

One of the main goals of Wikiversity is to provide free and open learning resources to all learning groups. Besides traditional text books, discussion forums, and illustrations, many modes of learning are based on the interaction with a subject. This page is the starting point to explore the already available interactive learning tools, and to add and discuss new ones. Currently, we define as "interactive resources" all pages contained in Wikiversity that let a learner interact with the visible objects on that page and thus explore a topic or concept by changing those objects or by recording their behavior in time and space within that page. This may include a wide range of resources, from browser based simulations and interactive graphics to the manipulation of external objects through the controls provided in the page. Also, projects to define a framework for a set of such interactive resources and the organization and policies regarding their creation and use will be discussed in the pages referenced from here.

This page is also a status report on efforts to create a Rich Learning Resources Platform for Wikiversity.

Conditions at Wikiversity launch

During community discussions prior to the launch of Wikiversity, there was discussion of the need for MediaWiki software improvements that would support a Wikimedia learning-centered sister project. For example, some participants in those discussions suggested that Wikiversity would need software support for tests and quizzes.