Wikiversity:Adding content

Note: There is a tutorial about editing existing Wikiversity pages and starting new pages and also some help pages about editing. You might also be interested in the adding content tutorial.

This page is intended to help you add educational content to Wikiversity. Wikiversity is devoted to providing support for both conventional schools and for self-motivated active learners who want to participate as Wikiversity editors.

Quick start

I want to start adding information to Wikiversity NOW.
Use your browser to Navigate to a Wikiversity page that is closest to the topic that is of interest to you. Click on the edit button for that page; an edit window will open. Find a good location and then type:

[[new page name]]

in the edit window. This will create a hypertext link to the new page. Click the "Save" button. Now find the red link you just created that says "new page name". Click on that link and start editing the new page. Type in your information.

Note: you can place this text:
into your new page to get started.