Wikisource:What is Wikisource?

What is Wikisource?
This page provides a general outline of what Wikisource is, introduces its policies, etc. This page is good for initial reference, but it should not be used to find specific information; see instead the Index.

WikisourceThe Free Library – is a Wikimedia Foundation project to create a growing free content library of source texts, as well as translations of source texts in any language.

This page attempts to define what Wikisource is, what it is not, and what distinguishes it from other Wikimedia projects. The descriptions on this page are relatively brief, but contain links to more detailed policy pages. Discussion of policies should take place on the relevant policy talk pages.


Wikisource – originally called Project Sourceberg as a play on words for Project Gutenberg – began in November 2003, as a collection of supporting texts for articles in Wikipedia. It grew rapidly, reaching a total of 20,000 text units in various languages by May 18, 2005.

In August and September of 2005, Wikisource moved to separate subdomains for different languages.

For more information on the history of Wikisource, please see:

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