The Game of Deer Stalking

For any number of Players


One player takes the deer, the others divide the five sportsmen between them. The deer is placed on the round dote in the centre of the game, and the sportsmen on each of the five dots nearest the ferry, but not across the water

The moves are from dot to dot along the line, from one dot to another is a move; and you can cross from one line to another only where the cross line is drawn. The sportsman cannot cross any of the pieces of water at all; the deer can cross the water along the dotted lines.

The deer wins the game if he succeeds in crossing the water and getting into the mountainous country at top of came; the sportsman win the game if they surround the deer and force him on to the dot at either of the two houses, or on either the two dots at the cone, or on the centre dot, so that he cannot escape.

The deer moves first, and then each of the sportsmen, and the the deer again and so on. Neither the deer or sportsmen can be taken, and all can move either backwards of forwards, but only one move at a time.

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