This is the top level portal for class K: Law. It brings together various pages and wikiprojects relating to law in all countries. Note that some legislation listed here may be out of date and preserved only for historical context.

Due to their number, the full list of Class K subclasses and portals can be found on a separate page: List of subclasses

Subclass KA: General law

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General law covers subjects common to all jurisdictions.

Child portals: Case lawCopyright lawConstitutional documentsLegislative documents

Subclass KB: Religious law

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Religious law covers all topics on religious laws, including sharia, halakha, and canon law.

Subclass KDA: Law of the United Kingdom

Subclass KDB: Law of England

Subclass KDC: Law of Scotland

Subclass KDE: Law of Northern Ireland

Law of Northern Ireland

Child portal: Acts of the Parliament of Northern Ireland

Subclass KDK: Law of Ireland

Subclass KDZ: Law of North America

Law of North America

Child portal: British North America Acts

Subclass KE: Law of Canada

Subclass KF: Law of the United States

Subclass KFA: Federal law of the United States

Subclass KFB: State law of the United States

Subclass KKV: Law of Sweden

Swedish flag orb

Law of Sweden

Child portal: Constitution of Sweden

Subclass KMH: Law of Iran

Subclass KMJ: Law of Iraq

Subclass KNP: Law of the Republic of China

Taiwan flag orb

Law of the Republic of China (otherwise known as Taiwan after 1949)

Subclass KNQ: Law of China

Chinese flag orb

Law of China

Child portal: Judicial Yuan Interpretations

Subclass KNS: Law of India

Subclass KNW: Law of Indonesia

Subclass KPA: Law of South Korea

South Korean flag orb

Law of South Korea

Child portal: Supreme Court of South Korea

Subclass KTL: Law of South Africa

Subclass KUH: Law of Western Australia

Law of Western Australia

Child portal: Western Australian parliamentary debates

Subclass KZ: Law of Nations


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