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At M. 6, charged with 140 gallons leys, and all the tallow, with 239 lib. of old soap. Set the fire. At 8, the oil put in, and fire drawn. At 10, the fire again lighted, and 40 gallons of leys added. From this time till E. 2, at different times, add about 15 gallons leys. From this to 5, add at different periods, 5 gallons. At 6, the fire may be drawn, and shortly thereafter the soap may be cast into the firkins.

From these examples, founded upon real operations, the making of soap may be performed by any person, although never before acquainted with the business; at the same time it may be proper to inform such, of the necessity there is, on their part, of strict attention during the operation: the person ought continually to be poring into

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