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be (agreeable to the Table), 18/128 parts, or, as they are generally termed, carats, and for foreign ashes' lees, 22/128, or 22 carats. We shall now commence an operation with a charge for what is called


The quantity of leys requisite for completion of this charge, will be about 400 gallons, the weight of which to be about 11½ drams; about one-third of which must be put into the boiler previous to any of the other materials: afterwards add, 2 cwt. 2 qrs. tallow, 2 cwt. 2 qrs. hogs-lard, and 70 gallons olive oil. The leys herein to be used, are supposed to be from Hungarian and English (Essex) ashes. The proportion is, one of the English to eight of the Hungarian. The particular mode of proceed-

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