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In casting the dip of a soap frame, both areas are used by the Exciseman. For instance, suppose 5 inches of warm soap be allowed to cool in the frame, it may be discovered to have decreased 3, 4, or 5-10ths; consequently, the soap must be cast up by the hot area for the five inches of original dip, and by the cold area for the real dip after cooling, say 4 inches 7-10ths, or 4, 6, or 4, 5, &c.; and whichever of these dips turn out highest, the trader is charged with for duty.

It might be equally correct, and full more convenient and expeditious, to use, for the weighing, or ascertaining the strength of the leys, a glass hydrometer, marked inside of the tube with figures. These can be had from any weatherglass-maker. This hydrometer may easily be adjusted to all the divisions in the foregoing table, as also to rain, river, and distilled water, sea water, &c.

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