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We come next to explain how this white soap, at a moderate expence, may be perfumed or scented, in order to make it appear in the character of what is generally denominated Windsor Soap.

This perfume must be prepared by the manufacturer himself; for to purchase it from perfumers would be attended with too enormous an expence. I have acquired this perfume in the following manner, viz. Procure a small still, about 20 English gallons, with a proportionate worm of six or eight turns, the placing of which properly any mason can instruct. Put into the still about 14 or 16 libs, of good fresh caraway seeds, and fill up with water about two-thirds full: let the head and body of the still be luted together, as also the pipe where it enters the worm. Set a pretty brisk fire, and as the still boils, the essential oil will run off, which may be received

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