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swell up, damp the fire, which is done by opening the furnace door, and throwing ashes thereon (some have proper dampers), when the whole will boil at leisure. As the caustic alkali immediately grips to the tallow, there is no occasion for long boiling; about two or three hours wall be long enough: the fire may then be drawn, and the pan allowed to stand for four or six hours, when the weak leys may be pumped off, and fresh ones added for second boil. It may be necessary to mention, that when the pan is wished to be cranned, or pumped off sooner, a few pails of cold ley must be thrown in, a little after the fire is drawn.

Set the fire again for second boil, and when properly a-boil, two or three hours may be sufficient at any one time to continue the boil: the strength of the leys are often gone before that period arrives. A

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