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such unfortunate gentlemen of their own error and their managers ignorance.

The leys being now ready, we shall commence with a boiling of brown or yellow soap. For this purpose, let there be weighed 10 cwt. of tallow, and about 3 cwt. of rosin; the rosin to be broke in small lumps. In the first place, put into the boiler about 150 or 200 gallons of leys (about the weight of 16 oz. 4 dr. 48 gr. the English pint, which will nearly answer to No 32 of the forementioned divisions), and set the fire; then add the tallow and rosin. This done, the pan is said to be charged.

A good fire may be kept up until all is thoroughly melted, and the pan brought to boil; during which time there ought to be constant stirring with the peddle, to prevent the rosin settling to the bottom. If the goods or materials in the pan appear to

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