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the common salt, in that case, fails of the desired effect, and rather confirms the disorder. This man had added salt in abundance, then strong mild ley, then salt again, and more strong ley, until his boiler was so filled, that want of room only prevented him from putting in more. He told me, he thought a fresh cave of strong ley would be necessary to cut her up. My opinion to him was, that too much of that had already been applied; but that, if he would submit to my advice, I thought his pan, in a day or two, might be again brought to rights. What is to be done, then? says he. In the first place, I told him to put in immediately two or three pails of water. This surprised him much; and with a kind of seeming reluctance, consented that should have my own way. As there was but little room in the pan for boiling, a very gentle fire could only be kept up. This, however, had the

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