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As mistakes by Excise-officers are not at all improbable, in casting up gauges of soap, it is proper that every soap-maker should cast up his own, after the dip of the frame is ascertained by the officer, supervisor, &c. And as many of the trade may not be acquainted with the precise mode of doing so, a specimen of the work may be acceptable, and proper here to be added. For that purpose, it may be supposed that the dip of the soap in the frame, as taken by the officer, is 30 inches and 9-10ths. The areas, by which the Excise-officers make their calculations, are established by law to be 24 lib. and 1-10th of a lib. upon every inch of the dip of the frame. This is called the hot dip, and will generally carry the gauge, providing no cold dip is got, or that

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