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leys. If these appearances are not evident, in that event, the soap must have more leys. Or, to know if the soap have got enough of leys, dip the blade of the knife into the soap; and when coldish, stroak the soap off the knife upon your forefinger; observe if any streaks appear in the soap: if any, then the soap is plentifully supplied with leys; but if none, more leys must be added. It is always a good sign that soft soap is enough boiled, when, upon trial as above, with the soap on the finger, that it stands up, and appears with a thin roundish back; and when right, it will appear upon the finger of a grayish colour at the top of the outer edge.

When different leys are used, that is, some strong, and others weak, particular attention must be paid to the proportioning the one with the other, or, the weak with the strong, in order that a proper strength,

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