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Chandra chopped the fuel-wood with his own hands. He cooked food, and distributed it to his father and brother. He did all the cleaning. In short, Isvar Chandra was both a domestic and a cook. He did not feel tired with all these daily household works, but rather performed them with his usual cheerfulness. He felt a sort of inward pride and exultation at being able to show to the world, that he was above the ordinary rank and could beat down his compeers in every respect, even under such discouraging circmustances. But the question now is, how could he make time for his studies? After all, Isvar Chandra was a man, and to learn, he must read. Mere talents would not do. Isvar Chandra was not only talented, but also industrious to the extreme. He was very assiduous, and toiled hard at his lessons, and being possessed of a retentive memory, could easily make up for lost time. He never wasted a minute. He read his books even while he was engaged in cooking. In the night, he slept only two hours. After performing the usual household duties and feeding his father and brother, he used to go to bed at 10 P. M., requesting his father, who sat up on business till 12 P. M., to arouse him (Isvar Chandra) at that hour. He read from mid-night to day-break, when he had to put aside his books, to apply himself again to the domestic duties. It is also said, that on his way to and from College, he used to read his books and ponder over his lessons.

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