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in his opinion, so much impeded the progress of widow marriage. Perhaps, it was this sad disappointment, which led him to exult when the news of Babu Durga Mohan Das's widow marriage reached him, though such an alliance was against his principle, as the woman whom Durga Mohan had taken to be his wife, had been an old widow with several children by her first husband. This marriage took place only two months before Vidyasagar's departure from this world. On the occasion he wrote a letter to "Durga Mohan in Bengali to the following effect:—

'My dear friend,

'I am glad to hear that your desires have been satisfied. I heartily wish and pray that you may pass the remaining days of your life in happiness with your new consort. Communicate my tender compliments and blessings to her.'



After the submission of his Note on the Age of Consent Bill, he went back again to Chandernagore, where he was comparatively better, if it might be called so, up to the middle of April, when he was able to take even rice for two days. But, unfortunately, by the end of the month, his illness again took a bad turn, which made his eldest daughter, Hemlata, who had accompanied him,

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