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guage is chaste and refined. The document testifies to his generous feelings and high liberalities. For the edification of the reader, we will give its purport in English:—

'1. Be it known that out of my own accord and free will I execute this last Testament of my assets. By this Will, all my previous Wills are made null and void.

'2. Babu Kali Charan Ghosh of Chaugachha, Babu Kshirod Nath Sinha of Pathira, and my nephew (sister's son), Babu Beni Madhav Mukhopadhyay of Paspur—these three persons I appoint executors of my this last Will; they shall execute every thing in accordance with the provisions of this Will.

'3. On my death, all my assets shall go into the hands of these executors.

'4. For the information of the executors, a schedule of all my present properties is annexed to this Will.

'5. The executors shall liquidate my debts and realise my dues.

'6. The expenses of the maintenance of my dependents and some other helpless kinsfolk and relations, and the performance of some rituals and ceremonials are being defrayed from the income of my property; my creditors are not such men as to seek to realise their dues by causing a total stoppage of these expenses. With their permission, the executors shall make such arrangements as will keep the under-mentioned stipends current, and at the same time contribute to the realisation of their dues by slow Instalments.

'7. It Is not possible that, on my death, all the recipients of monthly stated allowances should be awarded stipends at their present rate, A list is given below, determining the monthly stipend payable to each from the income of my property.—

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