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poor Santhals now found a fresh source of income. They brought to him very large quantities of fish, for which he gave them the price they demanded. He then distributed the fish among the Bengalee gentlemen—officers and servants of the Railway Station and the Post Office. He now and then invited the Babus to dinner, and passed the days that he stayed at the place in merriment. Whenever he went to Karmatar, one of his own children or grandchildren always accompanied him. Sometimes his friends resorted to the place for a change. Vidyasagar received and entertained them hospitably. On one occasion, Pandit Nilmani Nyayalankar being seriously ill, Went to Karmatar for restoration of his health. Vidyasagar tended and nursed him with affectionate care. He used to remove the discharges of the patient's bowels and kidneys with his own hands. Nyayalankar felt awkward and ashamed that so great a man should trouble himself with such menial services. But the noble-minded Vidyasagar smiled and said,—'Never mind, my dear, I pay you in earnest,' meaning that Nyayalankar would serve him similarly, in case he himself should fall ill. We have already said, that Vidyasagar was very witty, and whenever an ^opportunity presented itself, he would be sure to give expression to his merry humour. On one occasion, he attended the Governor's Darbar, accompanied by four other Pandits. The Pandits saw that all

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