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to succeed the late Professor, and he has the distinct assurance of the Principal that the Pundit is teaching the subject in the most satisfactory manner. Upon the whole, therefore, His Honour thinks that he has been well advised in the orders which he has passed. He must in the present experiment sufficiently before he can consent to make another change.

"I remain,

"Dear Sir,
"Yours faithfully
Sd. "H. Luttman Johnson

"Private Secretary."

With a view to remove the erroneous impression from the minds of the public, Vidyasagar afterwards addressed a letter to the Hindoo Patriot, which was published in its issue of the 10th June, 1872. The letter is quoted below:—


The Editor of the Hindu Patriot.

"Dear Sir,

"As considerable misapprehension prevails among my countrymen as to the opinion I expressed, to His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, when he did me the honour of consulting me regarding the Sanskrit College, particularly in reference to the constitution of the Chair of Hindu Law, I deem it due to lay before the public through the medium of your paper the accompanying correspondence which I hope will remove the

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