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suspected that Vidyasagar must have supported the policy of Government. He was, therefore, obliged to address a letter to Luttman Johnson, Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, contradicting the statement of Government. The letter ran as follows:—

"Calcutta, 23rd May 1872

"H. Luttman Johnson Esq.
"Private Secretary to His Honor, the
"Lieutenant Governor of Bengal.

"My Dear Sir,

"Adverting to the Government order on the reorganisation of the Sanskrit College, published in the last Calcutta Gazette, I find that reference has been made to me and the Principal of the Sanskrit College as the persons among others with whom His Honor the Lieutenant Governor was pleased to discuss the subject, and His Honor considers their suggestions 'to be so moderate and reasonable that he has much pleasure in being able substantially to comply with their wishes pending further trial of the arrangements now to be made.' These arrangements are that the first Arts classes should be revived and that the Professorship of Hindu Law should be merged in that of Rheotric and Philosophy by giving an increment of Rs 50 to the present incumbent for this additional duty.

"As I was asked by you under instructions of His Honor to consult the leading members of

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