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perturbed state at the time. Tarkavachaspati's paper was composed in Sanskrit, and the rest were all in Bengali To refute the objections of these opponents, Vidyasagar issued hfo second paper against Polygamy in March, 1872.

During the controversy on Polygamy, again appeared the "Competent Bhaipo" (nephew), mentioned of before, with a paper in support of Vidyasagar, which he named "Ati Alpai Haila" (only a very little is given). It was an attack on Taranath Tarkavachaspati. Its language is lowly satirical, and is not consonant to good taste. The paper begins with a most scurrile piece of poesy, very like those given utterance to by the fish-wives of Calcutta. Some attribute its authorship to Vidyasagar. But it is improbable that he should indulge in such foul language. Taranath Tarkavachaspati again issued a pamphlet of 20 pages in reply to the paper of the "Bhaipo"; but it is not so piercingly satirical. Shortly afterwards, appeared another anonymous paper of 25 pages, titled’ "Prerita Tentul" (Tamarind forwarded), attacking Vidyasagar most virulently. Besides these, many odes, songs, and short lays were also issued. In the correspondence columns of the Education Gazette, appeared a short poem, with the heading, "Kulin Kaminir Ukti" (the sayings of a Kulin woman).

The attacks of Tarkavachaspati and Vidyasagar against each other were quite unworthy of wise

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