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Hon'ble Sambhu Nath Pandit, Mr. W. S. Atkinson, Raja Kali Kristo, Hara Chandra Ghose, Kasi Prasad Ghosh, Rajendra Nath Datta, Nursing Chander Dutt, Hara Nath Ray, Kumar Harendra Krishna and Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar as its members.

After much debate and controversy, the Government resolved upon contributing a large Grant-in-aid towards the opening of a Female Normal School in connection with the Bethune School. But for two succeeding years, no action was taken. At last Babu Dwarka Nath Ganguli, under the instructions of Babu Radhika Prasanna Mukharji, who was, at that time, a Deputy Inspector of Schools, set to work in right earnest. Through his strenuous exertions, a class was opened with only 5 or 6 pupils. It had worked only a year and a half, when Sir George Campbell, the next Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, abolished the training department altogether.

Difference of opinion in this respect and on several other matters compelled Vidyasagar to cut off his connection with the Bethune School, and he resigned his honorary office of its Secretary in 1869. Before his resignation he had to engage himself in 1868 in the settlement of a serious question in connection with this school. There were several complaints against Miss Pigott, the Lady Superintendent of the School, that the institution was deteriorating on

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