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found out their mistake, and highly complimented the talented Vidyasagar on his very able selection.

The Hon'ble C. E. Buckland, in his Bengal under the Lieutenant-Governors,' says;—"When Haris Chandra Mukherjee, the founder of the Hindu Patriot, died on the 14th June 1861, its new proprietor Babu Kali Prasanna Sinha, after managing it at a loss for some time, made it over to Pandit Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar, who invited Kristo Das Pal to take the editorial charge in 1861, and subsequently transferred the proprietorship in July 1862 to a body of Trustees. They made over the management to Kristo Das, so that from 1861 to the time of his death, he was in charge, and raised the paper to a position of influence and pecuniary prosperity."

His appreciation of merits in others manifested itself also in the selection of another Editor for the Soma Prakasa, a Bengali weekly. Vidyasagar had started the paper, some two years before his retirement from paid public service, solely with the view of providing maintenance for a man quite unconnected with him. One day, a Brahman, by name Sarada Prasad Ganguli, came to him, and with tearful eyes, besought him for protection and provision of some means of livelihood. Sarada Prasad had been a student of the Sanskrit College, and had won scholarships for proficiency in both Sanskrit and English, but had, most unfortunately, lost

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