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moved his tender heart, and tears flowed in torrents from his eyes. He settled on her a monthly allowance of ten rupees.

As Vidyasagar was a possessor of merits himself, so he was a true appreciator of merits in others. He showed his appreciative faculties in the selection of an Editor for the "Hindoo Patriot," one of the ablest native-conducted English newspapers of the day. Haris Chandra Mukharji, the renowned editor and proprietor of the paper, had died at 9 A.M. of the 14 the June, 1861, and its office was removed, on the 25th July of the same year, to Calcutta from Bhowanipore, where it had all along been located, from the day of its birth, in the premises of the late editor and proprietor. Babu Kali Prasanna Sinha purchased the paper at 5,000 rupees and managed it at a loss for some time. But he soon saw the difficulty, and made over its charge to Vidyasagar. Krishto Das Pal was, at this time, employed as a clerk in the office of the British Indian Association. Vidyasagar intrusted him with the editorial charge of the Hindoo Patriot. Krishto Das Pal was made not only its editor, but its proprietor also. Krishto Das had not till then acquired any name as a writer. No one could form an idea that he would afterwards become such a great writer. As a matter of consequence, Vidyasagar's nomination of such a person to the responsible post startled all his friends and acquaintances. But soon they

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