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ice through Vidyasagar's exertions. A candidate for the vacant situation came to Vidyasagar for a recommendation to this high official. Armed with Vidyasagar's recommendation, the candidate waited upon the Babu at his residence. The Babu was, at that time, reclining upon a sofa, enjoying his hookah and chatting with some of his friends. The candidate handed over to him Vidyasagar's letter. The Babu read it, and smiled. On his friends enquiring the cause of his smile, the Babu replied that Vidyasagar had opened a business of securing situations for others. The candidate was thunder-struck to hear the Babu, and left the place in utter disgust.

Shortly after this, there were five vacancies in a Government office under Babu Priya Nath Datta of Bagbagar, who was the Head Assistant of the department. The aforesaid candidate again came to Vidyasagar for a recommendatory letter to Priya Nath. Vidyasagar did not know Priya Nath personally, and he, therefore, declined to give him the letter. But, at the urgent importunities of the man, he very reluctantly gave him a note of recommendation. The authorities had directed Priya Nath to fill up the vacancies by an examination of the candidates. He, therefore, requested Vidyasagar's man to appear at the examination. The man stood seventh. There were only five vacancies. Priya Nath was in great peril. He then devised a plan. He reported to his superiors that two more hands

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