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and Raj Krishna's intimate friendly attachment to each other. The former often ate and slept in the house of the latter, whose mother loved Vidyasagar as dearly as if he was her own son. The other members of Raj Krishna's family, both male and female, looked upon him as if he was one of them. He also reciprocated the same feelings towards them. Raj Krishna had a little girl, who was named Prabhabati. Vidyasagar loved this girl exceedingly. Her babblings were a source of great delight to him. He was so much grieved at the untimely death of this little child of three years, that he gave up food and sleep for some time, and at last wrote a booklet, Prabhabati-Sambhashana, full of laments for her. Its language is very heart-rending and beautifully attractive.

It was not, therefore, very strange that a man of Vidyasagar's stamp should look to Raj Krishna's welfare, and employ him in his own business on a handsome remuneration.

Vidyasagar was so benevolent that he secured appointments to many persons quite unconnected, or only very distantly connected, with him. But unfortunately, some of these men, who through Vidyasagar's exertions had risen to high posts, behaved towards him most ungratefully.

On one occasion, there was a post vacant under a certain Babu (we shall not mention his name for decency's sake), who was at this time a high official of Government, but had originally secured the serv-

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