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I.The Sunday Story1
II.The Monday Story14
III.The Tuesday Story18
IV.The Wednesday and Thursday Story26
V.The Friday Story32
VI.The Saturday Story36
VII.Mahalaxmi and the Two Queens41
VIII.The Island Palace56
IX.Nagoba, the Snake-King63
X.Parwati and the Beggar-Man69
XI.Parwati and the Brahman73
XII.Soma, the Washerwoman79
XIII.Vasishta and the Four Queens89
XIV.The Lamps and the King's Daughter-in-Law95
XV.Parwati and the Priest99
XVI.The Rishi and the Brahman107
XVII.The King and the Water-Goddesses112
XVIII.The Lid of the Sacred Casket115
XIX.The Brahman Wife and her Seven Sons122
XX.The Golden Temple128


" Gave memorial honours to his dead father " . Frontispiece FACE PAGE

" It curled itself up inside the earthen jar " . . 22

"And fill her lap with wheat cakes and bits of cocoa-nut " 32

" And stuck them into a corner of the eaves " . .39

"They no longer wished to kill or bite the little daughter- in-law" ...... 68

" They asked her what the reason was, and she told them " 71

" She has lived here just as if she had been in her father's house " . . . . .106

"The god revealed himself to the king and his companions

in all his glory and splendour " . . .132
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