Proofreading at Wikisource is an activity that everyone can take part in, based on scanned images of the original document, which are presented side-by-side with the text version. If you are new to Wikisource, then take a look at the Beginner's guide to proofreading. This page has details that you can refer to when you need.
Editing a file on Wikisource showing the text and original side by side

Proofreading produces the works on Wikisource from page scans. Page scans are normally in DjVu or PDF format which are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Proofreading takes place in the Index and Page namespaces before being transcluded into the main namespace. The proofreading process is split into different phases which are indicated by each page's page status. Wikisource has a style guide and certain formatting conventions that should be used during proofreading to make sure that our texts look correct and function properly. This proofreading function is provided by the ProofreadPage extension.

The Proofread of the Month (PotM) is a good place to start for people who want to learn how proofreading works on Wikisource. This project runs a new work each month and invites all users to take part.

Help:Page scans

Page scans are used for proofreading on Wikisource. This page describes how to use, browse, navigate and edit scanned pages as well as the different functions of the Index and Page namespaces.

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