Author:Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling
British author and poet; born in India and educated in England.
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Rudyard Kipling



  • Schoolboy Lyrics (1881, privately printed)
  • Echoes, by Two Writers (1884, with sister Beatrice)
  • Departmental Ditties and other verses (1886)
  • Departmental Ditties, Barrack-Room Ballads and other verses (1890)
  • Barrack-Room Ballads and other verses (1892)
  • Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads (1892)
  • The Seven Seas Open book nae 02.svg (1896)
  • Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads Open book nae 02.svg (1899, 1914, 1919)
  • The Five Nations Open book nae 02.svg (1903)
  • A Song of the English Open book nae 02.svg (1909)
  • Songs from Books (1912)
  • The Years Between (1919)
  • Rudyard Kipling's Verse, Inclusive Edition, 1885-1918 Open book nae 02.svg (1919)



Short stories

Other stories


Transcription projects

  • Rudyard Kipling's verse - Inclusive Edition 1885-1918 Open book nae 02.svg
  • Q. Horati Flacci Carminum librum quintum Open book nae 02.svg

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