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Page Curation also includes a feature to 'unreview' a new article. All New Page Reviewers have to convince the community that they have sufficient knowledge and experience to review new pages. However, nobody is absolutely perfect and errors can happen. If you come across an article that appears to have been wrongly or inappropriately tagged, consider using the 'unpatrol' feature in Page Curation and leave a friendly note for the patroller.

Incorrect CSD tagging: inform the creator, instruct the patroller:
Incorrect CSD tagging can be harmful to the project. Vast numbers of new pages are and should be deleted. However, among the cross-section of people who manage to create, in their first edits, articles that should not be deleted, will be a higher concentration of those who are likely to become valuable editors – if they can be retained. Incorrect speedy tagging is one way such people may be driven away.

If an incorrect CSD criterion has been applied, change it manually for the correct one. If no CSD basis applies, decline the CSD and then notify the creator of the article of your removal and that the page is no longer nominated for speedy deletion, using , so that the stinging effect of the previous and incorrect notification (assuming they were notified of the CSD tagging), will be greatly lessened.

In either case, please take the time to explain to the newpages patroller what you have done and why the basis for their tagging was incorrect. Since new pages patrolling is a vital task, teaching people to do it more effectively, while avoiding biting, is likewise vital. The template {{Sdd4}} provides a friendly, guided way to inform a new pages patroller of the reason their tagging was incorrect. The template automatically fills in a description of the criterion based on what CSD basis you supply that was incorrectly applied, and provides model suggestions of language you can use for various common errors in tagging, while allowing you to tailor the message. See its documentation.

The CSD helper is a good script for declining CSD tagging. It can remove speedy deletion template from a page and inform the tagger of the removal quickly and easily. It also includes an option to change the CSD tag to a proposed deletion tag.

If you notice a patroller making frequent errors, tagging too quickly, or tag-bombing, offer friendly support or direct them to a specific section of this or another help page. In extreme cases you may need to inform an administrator or post at WP:ANI, but always try to help your colleague first.

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