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Mistitled articles. Page titles can't be edited but must, rather, be moved to a new title using the "move page" function. This preserves the page history, which is required to be maintained under our copyright licenses. Especially where you have not requested speedy deletion of a new page, moving it to a more appropriate title is an important patrolling task. Your move will automatically create a redirect. If the prior name, now a redirect, was an implausible typo or misnomer, request its deletion using {{Db-r3}} / {{Db-redirtypo}} / {{Db-redirmisnomer}}. Otherwise, it is fine to remain. There are technical limitations that may restrict you from moving to a better title, such as where the title is protected from creation, or already exists and cannot be moved over a redirect. In such cases, ask for a technical move or, if potentially controversial, see Wikipedia:Requested moves for more information.

In order to understand whether an article title is or is not appropriate, and what title a page should be moved to, please familiarize yourself with Wikipedia:Article titles. This can be a complex area. In summary of titling issues commonly encountered with new pages:

  1. The common names section of the policy provides that topics are generally given their common name – the name that is most commonly used for the topic, as determined by its prevalence in a significant majority of independent, reliable English-language sources.
  2. The precision and disambiguation section of the policy provides that usually, titles should be precise enough to unambiguously define the topical scope of the article, but no more precise than that. We usually only include parenthetical disambiguation (a title like Mercury (planet) or Windsor, Berkshire) when there is an existing Wikipedia article (or plausible one) on a topic with an identical or confusingly similar name. See also the disambiguation policy.
  3. The WP:TITLEFORMAT section of the policy provides that titles take sentence case – proper nouns are capitalized, and other words that would not be in running text, are not.
  4. We generally do not include honorifics in titles (Sir, Dame, The Most Noble, Saint, CH, etc.), nor educational degrees, certifications or social social titles (PhD, Esq., Dr. Doctor, Professor, etc.). In names of companies, we generally do not include Inc. Corp. Ltd. etc. – except where they are needed for natural disambiguation.
  5. Using an ALL CAPS title is a common mistake seen at new pages: We capitalize acronyms (NASA, FAQ, SQL) – except when the acronym is no longer typically treated as an acronym but was originally ("Laser", "Scuba") – and ignore all pure caps stylization [(Carquest (not: CARQUEST) (Ridgid (not: RIDGID)], unless the capitalized part of the title is pronounced by each letter (ATI Technologies, EVGA Corporation). We ignore most other matters of trademark stylization: Pink (not: P!nk) Toys "R" Us (not: Toys Я Us).
  6. Where a title should be displayed as italicized (see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Titles#Italics), italics will be automatically placed by any infobox you add to the page if it's dedicated to the type of topic (e.g. {{infobox album}} for articles on albums). If not placing a dedicated infobox, you can italicize the display of the entire title by placing at the top of the page

Addressing cut-and-paste moves. Finding they cannot change a typo in the title, or being unaware of redirects and wanting a topic found at another title, new users sometimes create new pages with the content of existing articles – 'cut-and-paste moves'. Doing so severs the edit history, required under copyright. In such situations, request deletion using {{Db-a10|article=Existing article title}} / {{Db-same|article=Existing article title}}. Though these templates have their own warnings, separately warn the user using . In the rare situation that the user has added significant content to the copy they posted that is worth merging, list the page for a history merge (note: not the same as a merge) at WP:SPLICE.

Duplicate articles with separate origins. If you come upon an article on a duplicate topic but that has a separate origin (not copied from the existing article, addressed above), this also can be asked to be deleted under CSD A10. However, here, if the article has content that warrants merging, perform a merge (do not ask for a history merge) and redirect to the existing article. Be sure to provide mandatory copyright attribution when you do so. See WP:MERGETEXT.

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