Tim Richmond | early life

Early life

Richmond grew up in Ashland, Ohio. His parents, Al and Evelyn (née Warner) Richmond, met in the course of their work. Al was a welder for pipe construction companies and Evelyn was a field office manager.[8] Noticing that highway crews had to dig up the entire highway to lay pipe, Al designed a machine to bore underneath the highway. To market this invention, he founded Richmond Manufacturing, which eventually exported machines worldwide.[8]

Tim's driving days started as a toddler when he was given a go-kart that he often drove inside buildings and across his lawn.[8] He later raced the kart at tracks in Moreland and New Pittsburg.[9] Richmond grew up in a well-to-do family, and was sometimes therefore treated differently by his classmates,[clarification needed] so his parents enrolled him in Miami Military Academy in Miami, Florida. During his years in Miami, Tim and his mother moved to Florida and his father stayed in Ohio. While home in Ohio over a summer break, he met local drag racer Raymond Beadle through lifelong friend Fred Miller.[8] When Richmond reached age 16, his parents purchased him a Pontiac Trans Am, a speedboat and a Piper Cherokee airplane for his birthday. Yet his mother Evelyn often worried about spoiling her only son. She once said, "Tim was lazy...", and "... I did everything for him. I ruined him, I admit it. He was my whole life."[10]

Richmond excelled in sports; he set a conference record in high hurdles and his high school football career was stellar enough that the academy retired his sports jersey after his gridiron days were over.[10] Miami Military Academy named him Athlete of the Year in 1970.[9] Richmond's other interests included flying, and he earned his private pilot license at age 16.[9] Following high school graduation, Richmond attended Ashland University for about one year before dropping out.[8]

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