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Morecambe is located in Morecambe
Morecambe Harbour
Morecambe Harbour
Morecambe Poulton Lane
Morecambe Poulton Lane
Red pog.svg Railway station
Pink pog.svg Site of former railway station

Morecambe railway station has a regular rail service from Lancaster, with some trains running direct from Preston and Leeds. Trains also run to Heysham, where they connect with the ferry service to the Isle of Man. There is another railway station at Bare Lane, serving the suburb of Bare. Services are operated by Northern.

The present-day Morecambe station opened in 1994, replacing an older station once known as Morecambe Promenade, built by the Midland Railway on its North Western Line from Skipton in Yorkshire. There was also a station called Morecambe Euston Road, built by the rival London & North Western Railway, which closed in 1963.


Bus services in the area are operated mainly by Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire. Other local services are operated by Battersby's Coaches. Direct services link the town with Bowness-on-Windermere via Kendal (755) Lancaster where connections to Keswick (555), Carnforth (5), Preston (40/41), Blackpool (42). Regular services up to every 15 minutes (numbers 3/3A/4) operate along the promenade to Heysham and to Lancaster University while services 2 and 2A operate up to every 10 minutes from Euston Road to both Heysham and Lancaster University. Services 6 and 6A operate via Westgate (where most caravan holiday parks are) to the Asda supermarket and Salt Ayre Leisure Centre. Service 5 operates to Overton and Carnforth. Most services (2/2A/3/3A/4/6/6A) operate using Low Floor Easy Access Vehicles suitable for wheelchair users and prams/pushchairs.

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