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By 2005, the ministry's 50th anniversary, Minuto de Dios had constructed some 50,000 housing units.[2]


Minuto de Dios remains active in broadcasting. The corporation also operates four broadcast radio stations, on 107.9 FM in Bogotá, 89.5 FM in Cartagena, 1230 AM in Medellín and 1370 AM in Barranquilla. The first of these stations, in Bogotá, was established on May 7, 1987.[9] Additionally, Minuto de Dios controls a media company known as Lumen (formerly Lumen 2000), which started in 1991 as a programadora providing religious programming to public television and has since expanded to event production and large-format printing, though it continues to produce the Minuto de Dios capsules.[10]

Social industry

In 1992, Minuto de Dios opened a confectionery geared toward producing candy for export, with the goal of creating 25,000 new jobs.[11]

Other UNIMINUTO endeavors include Fundases, which provides agricultural consulting services, and a chain of bookstores.[9]


The Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (UNIMINUTO), founded in 1990, educates more than 100,000 students.[12]


Minuto de Dios is involved in healthcare, controlling a health corporation (Corporación de Salud Minuto de Dios). It also operates the Fundación Eudes, which provides treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS.[9]

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