Martin McGuinness | health concerns and death

Health concerns and death

The funeral procession of McGuinness. Coffin bearers include Gerry Adams, Michelle O'Neill and Mary Lou McDonald

McGuinness was a member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association, which meant that he did not drink alcohol.[62]

In December 2016, McGuinness was advised against making a planned visit to China on medical grounds,[52] initially announcing that this was due to "unforeseen personal circumstances".[63] After subsequent tests, he was told that he was suffering from "a very serious illness".[52] McGuinness and Sinn Féin declined to give details of his illness to the media.[64] In January 2017, The Irish Times disclosed that McGuinness was suffering from amyloidosis, a rare incurable disease that affects organs. McGuinness complained that the Times had breached his privacy.[65]

On 6 March 2017 McGuinness was hospitalised at Derry's Altnagelvin Area Hospital due to ill health.[66] He died on 21 March, at the age of 66.[67][68][69]

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