Katherine Laird Cox | notes


  1. ^ Ka, pronounced Kar[6], a name she adopted in January 1911[7]
  2. ^ Henry Fisher Cox, born 27 April 1848, son of Rev. Edward Cox, rector of Luccombe, Somerset, born in Parwich, Derbyshire, educated at Trinity College, Cambridge.[8] Brother of the historian, Dr John Charles Cox (1843–1918)[9]
  3. ^ Amber Reeves was also H.G. Wells' mistress
  4. ^ Virginia Stephen explained to her sister that Raverat loved them both and wanted to marry Darwin for her mind but have Ka for her body, and that Darwin thought Ka would bear the children while she painted. Letter to Vanessa Bell, 19 April 1911[27]
  5. ^ Gwen Darwin, letter to Cox April 1911
  6. ^ Yeats much admired Brooke's clothes, that Ka made for him, stating he "wears the most beautiful shirts"[18][31]
  7. ^ Her letters were destroyed
  8. ^ Popularised by Edward Carpenter in his essay Simplification of Life in his England's Ideal (1887)
  9. ^ Ray would later marry Oliver Strachey, younger brother of Lytton Strachey
  10. ^ Darwin later explained to Woolf "he tried so hard to prevent all his friends whom he considered young and innocent from being enticed into your bawdy houses at Bloomsbury" Letter 22 April 1925[54]
  11. ^ The house and area has a long history of association with the literary and artistic community. Its occupants have included Patrick Heron[61]
  12. ^ With the occupation of Serbia, large numbers of refugees fled west across the Balkans. Allied rescue efforts disembarked many of these in Corsica
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