John Adair | service in the northwest indian war

Service in the Northwest Indian War

Enlisting for service as a captain in the Northwest Indian War in 1791,[9] Adair was soon promoted to major and assigned to the brigade of James Wilkinson.[2][4] On November 6, 1792, a band of Miamis under the command of Little Turtle encountered Adair and about 100 men serving under him on a scouting mission near Fort St. Clair in Ohio.[4] When the Miami attacked, Adair ordered Lieutenant (and later governor of Kentucky) George Madison to attack their right flank while Adair led 25 men to attack the left flank.[10] (Adair had intended for a subordinate to lead the charge, but the officer was killed before Adair could give the order.)[10] The maneuver forced the Miamis to fall back and allowed Adair's men to escape.[9] They retreated to their camp and made a stand, forcing the Miamis to withdraw.[10] Six of Adair's men were killed; another four were missing and five were wounded.[10] Among the wounded were Madison and Richard Taylor, father of future U.S. President Zachary Taylor.[10]

Recognizing his bravery and fighting skill, Adair's superiors promoted him to lieutenant colonel.[9] He was assigned to the command of Charles Scott, who would eventually serve as Kentucky's fourth governor.[2] He assisted in the construction of Fort Greeneville in 1794, forwarding supplies to Anthony Wayne during his operations which ended in a decisive victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.[4]

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