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Releases issued during limited test marketing campaign in two cities

Below is a list of the 15 DualDisc titles released as part of a test marketing campaign that was run before DualDiscs were released nationwide. These releases were only available in two test markets: Boston and Seattle, and only at a handful of stores in each market (15 stores in the Boston area, 12 in the Seattle area). The test marketing campaign started on February 3, 2004. It is believed that fewer than 1000 copies of any title were sold during the test marketing, making them all scarce and now collectible. One title, Dave Brubeck's Time Out, was recalled shortly after the start of the test market campaign due to a rights lawsuit. As a result, very few copies of this title were ever sold. It is estimated that fewer than 50 copies of this title are known to exist, making it one of the rarest commercially released CDs of all time.

All of these DualDisc titles are now out of print. Some were reissued as standard commercial issue DualDiscs once the test marketing phase was over, but in every case this was done with packaging changes (although not necessarily changes to the UPC). For example, the test market version of AC/DC's Back in Black does not have a large "FBI warning" logo on the back, whereas the standard reissue does.

The following is a complete list of titles made available during the test market campaign in Boston and Seattle. These are the only titles that were part of the test market campaign. Many other DualDisc releases were issued in subsequent years, following the completion of the test market, but these were not part of the original set of releases. The test market version of any title on this list should be considered scarce or rare. Two of these 15 titles were issued after the test market had begun; these late addition titles are those by Fischerspooner and Jane's Addiction. The remaining 13 titles were available from the start of the test marketing campaign.

Artist Title UPC Reissued as DualDisc after test market? Comments
AC/DC Back in Black 82796-90828-2-9 Yes Reissue DualDisc differs in packaging/inlay card
Andrew W.K. The Wolf 6-02498-61423-5 No
Audioslave Audioslave 82796-90830-2-4 No Entire album in 20bit 48 kHz sound on DVD side. Has been termed a demonstration quality audiophile release.[19][20]
Barenaked Ladies Everything to Everyone 0-9362-48650-2-5 No
Burzum Draugen - Rarities"" DAVD AUDIO BOB 037 MPO 9-8-05/01 No
David Bowie Reality 82796-90743-2-9 Yes Reissue DualDisc differs in packaging/inlay card
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out 82796-90829-2-8 No Very rare. Fewer than 50 copies known; Recalled due to licensing issues a few days after issue
Good Charlotte The Young and the Hopeless 82796-90831-2-3 Yes Reissue DualDisc differs in packaging/inlay card
Donald Fagen The Nightfly 0-8122-78016-2-5 No
Fischerspooner #1 7-2435-99392-2-2 No
Jane's Addiction Strays 7-2435-99393-2-2 No Entire album in Advanced Resolution 24/96 5.1 on DVD side
Linkin Park Reanimation 0-9362-48637-2-4 No
P.O.D. Payable on Death 0-7567-83704-2-7 No
R.E.M. Automatic for the People 0-8122-78105-2-8 No
3 Doors Down Away from the Sun 6-02498-61414-3 Yes Reissue DualDisc differs in packaging/inlay card
Usher 8701 8-2876-57915-2-6 Yes Reissue DualDisc differs in packaging/inlay card

The titles by Fischerspooner and Jane's Addiction were released during the test marketing phase, but were not in the initial shipments. They shipped to the select test market retailers after the test began. Three additional titles were announced as being part of the test, but were never issued: Barbra Streisand: The Movie Album (82796-90789-2-1), Missy Elliott: This is Not a Test (0-7559-62934-2-6) and Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions (02498-61433-4).

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