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Registering agencies

  • In Canada, copyrighted works can be registered at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for a fee.[5]
  • In Kenya, copyrighted works can be registered at the Kenya Copyrights Board for a small fee.[citation needed]
  • In the United Kingdom, there is no official registration regime for copyrights. Commercial services provide a registration facility where copies of work can be lodged to establish legal evidence of a copyright claim. There are also requirements to file certain published works with the British Library and, on request, the five legal deposit libraries.[citation needed]
  • In the United States, the United States Copyright Office accepts registrations. For works created in the US by US citizens, a registration is also required before an infringement suit may be filed in a US court. Furthermore, copyright holders cannot claim statutory damages or attorney's fees unless the work was registered prior to infringement, or within three months of publication.[6]
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