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Punjabi instruments contribute to Bhangra. Originally this was primarily the dhol. The 20th century has brought changes to the instruments that define Bhangra, to include the tumbi,[19] sarangi,[20] dholak (smaller than the dhol), flute, zither, fiddle, harmonium, tabla, guitar, mandolin, saxophone, synthesizer, drum set, and other Western instruments.[21]

The string instruments include the guitar (both classical, acoustic and electrical), bass, sitar, tumbi, veena, violin and sarangi. The snare, toms, dhadd, dafli, dholki, and damru are the other drums. The tumbi, originally played by folk artists such as Lalchand Yamla Jatt[22] and Kuldip Manak in true folk recordings and then notably used by Chamkila, a Punjabi folk (not Bhangra) singer, is a high-tone, single-string instrument and Chimta by (Late) Alam Lohar.


Bhangra today has developed into a largely beat-based music genre, unlike before 1994, when it was slightly more mellow and classical. Pandit Dinesh and Kuljit Bhamra were trained exponents of Indian percussion and helped create the current British music, mainly with tabla and dholki for bands like Alaap and Heera.

15-year-old percussionist Bhupinder Singh Kullar, a.k.a. Tubsy, of Handsworth, Birmingham, created a more contemporary style and groove that seemed to fuse more naturally with Western music. Songs such as "Dhola veh Dhola" (Satrang) and albums such as Bomb the Tumbi (Safri Boyz) contained this new style.[citation needed]

Sunil Kalyan of Southall, London, was a session musician on many songs and albums, playing the tabla.[23]

Sukhshinder Shinda later introduced his style of dhol playing with the album Dhol Beat. He added a very clean style of dhol playing and helped create the sound for artists such as Jaswinder Singh Bains and Bhinda Jatt.

Another notable[citation needed] percussionist was Parvinder Bharat (Parv) of Wolverhampton. Parv had played for many bhangra bands from the 80's, playing with bands such as, Satrang, Pardesi and then eventually joining the internationally acclaimed DCS. After leaving DCS, Parv continued to experiment with his art which resulted in a European tour with none other than the legend that is Stevie Wonder.

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