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Personal life

Rose performing "November Rain" at Nottingham Arena in Nottingham, England, in May 2012

During Rose's late teens, a psychiatrist concluded that his delinquent behavior was evidence of psychosis. In addition, he made note of his high IQ.[16] In a subsequent interview, Rose questioned the diagnosis altogether, stating,

I went to a clinic, thinking it would help my moods. The only thing I did was take one 500-question test—ya know, filling in the little black dots. All of a sudden I'm diagnosed manic-depressive. 'Let's put Axl on medication.' Well, the medication doesn't help me deal with stress. The only thing it does is help keep people off my back because they figure I'm on medication.[103]

In contrast to his public image, Rose was not a heavy drug user, though he did not disavow the use of illicit substances entirely.[50][103] Rose intentionally overdosed on painkillers in 1986 due to stress, stating "I couldn't take it. And I just grabbed the bottle of pills in an argument and just gulped them down and I ended up in the hospital." Rose's experience at the hospital inspired the lyrics to the Guns N' Roses song "Coma".[104]

In the early 1990s, Rose became a staunch believer in homeopathic medicine, and began regularly undergoing past life regression therapy.[17] He went public with his "uncovered memories" of being sexually abused by his biological father at the age of two,[14][20][46] which he said had stunted his emotional growth: "When they talk about Axl Rose being a screaming two-year-old, they're right."[20] His dislike of touring was caused in part by the various illnesses he contracted over time. He expressed his belief that these health problems were caused by him unconsciously lowering his own resistance as a form of "self-punishment".[105] During the recordings of Chinese Democracy, Rose had a personal psychic who would look at photographs of potential employees to "read the auras" and decide if they should be hired.[106][107]

In early 1986, Rose began a relationship with model Erin Everly, the daughter of singer Don Everly of the Everly Brothers. He wrote the song "Sweet Child o' Mine" for her, and Everly appeared in the accompanying music video. Rose and Everly were married on April 28, 1990 in Las Vegas.[108] Less than a month later, Rose first filed for divorce.[42] The couple later reconciled, during which Everly became pregnant. She suffered a miscarriage in October 1990, which deeply affected Rose, who had wanted to start a family.[42][108] Everly left Rose the following November after an altercation; they annulled their marriage in January 1991.[108] In 1994, Everly filed a suit accusing Rose of physical and emotional abuse throughout their relationship.[109] The lawsuit was settled out of court.[110]

In mid-1991, Rose became involved in a tumultuous high-profile relationship with supermodel Stephanie Seymour. During their relationship, Seymour appeared in the music videos for "Don't Cry" and "November Rain". Rose became deeply attached to Seymour's young son, Dylan, and tried to be a good father figure for the child, as there had been none in his own life.[42][50] Seymour and Rose became engaged in February 1993, but separated three weeks later.[108]

On April 28, 2015, Rose sent a letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo asking Widodo to remove the option of the death penalty in the case of the Bali Nine on grounds of humanitarianism.[111][112][113] Rose then criticized Widodo for "ignoring the international outcry" after the executions took place.[114]

Rose has used Twitter to criticise various figures in the Trump administration, as well as other figures such as Apple CEO Tim Cook.[115][116][117][118]

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