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Warning: Entries for this list were taken directly from the pagelinks table on the replicated database of the Wikimedia Toolserver. The table included links to user pages, talk pages and templates as well as the article namespace. Because of this there may be entries still on the list that are linked to non-articles (Most of these were removed but some may remain). Check what links to a page listed here before creating it to be certain it is meant to be on the list.

Most requested pages as per 10/2/2012 update. List includes article name requested followed by number of pages that references it.

ArticleNumber of links
Types of business entity(210)
Bahá'í calendar(193)
Thai solar calendar(189)
Bengali calendar(188)
Minguo calendar(188)
Korean calendar(187)
Traditional Burmese calendar(187)
Armenian calendar(186)
Assyrian calendar(186)
Berber calendar(186)
Byzantine calendar(186)
Coptic calendar(186)
Ethiopian calendar(186)
Holocene calendar(186)
Regnal year(186)
Year in other calendars(184)
Severo Ochoa(140)
Martin Rodbell(140)
Robert F. Furchgott(140)
Gertrude B. Elion(140)
George Emil Palade(140)
Alan Lloyd Hodgkin(139)
Haldan Keffer Hartline(139)
Daniel Bovet(139)
Niels Kaj Jerne(139)
George Davis Snell(139)
Allan McLeod Cormack(139)
George H. Hitchings(139)
Arvid Carlsson(139)
Konrad Emil Bloch(139)
Paul Greengard(139)
Paul Lauterbur(139)
Baruj Benacerraf(139)
Jean Dausset(139)
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow(139)
Charles B. Huggins(138)
Edmond H. Fischer(138)
Alfred G. Gilman(138)
Eric F. Wieschaus(138)
Rolf M. Zinkernagel(138)
Stanley B. Prusiner(138)
Ferid Murad(138)
Louis J. Ignarro(138)
Baruch Samuel Blumberg(138)
Bernard Katz(138)
Dickinson W. Richards(138)
Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen(138)
Fritz Albert Lipmann(138)
Godfrey Hounsfield(138)
Har Gobind Khorana(138)
John Carew Eccles(138)
John Franklin Enders(138)
Joseph Murray(138)
Julius Axelrod(138)
Rodney Robert Porter(138)
Werner Forssmann(138)
Thomas Huckle Weller(137)
André Frédéric Cournand(137)
Bengt I. Samuelsson(137)
Bert Sakmann(137)
César Milstein(137)
E. Donnall Thomas(137)
Frederick Chapman Robbins(137)
Gerald Edelman(137)
H. Robert Horvitz(137)
Harold E. Varmus(137)
John Robert Vane(137)
Peter Mansfield(137)
André Michel Lwoff(136)
Erwin Neher(136)
Francis Peyton Rous(136)
Georges J. F. Köhler(136)
J. Michael Bishop(136)
Michael Stuart Brown(136)
Sune Bergström(136)
Geo (microformat)(123)
Indiana towns(119)
Oklahoma towns(118)
Bentley, Suffolk(105)
Bures St. Mary(105)
Copdock and Washbrook(105)
Great Cornard(105)
Pinewood, Suffolk(105)
Wenham Magna(105)
Wenham Parva(105)
List of Docklands Light Railway stations(105)
Bridge Street, Suffolk(104)
Cuckoo Tye(104)
East End, Suffolk(104)
Honey Tye(104)
Lower Holbrook(104)
Lower Raydon(104)
Nedging Tye(104)
Newman's Green(104)
Rooksey Green(104)
Rose Green, Assington(104)
Sackers Green(104)
Scotland Street, Suffolk(104)
Shop Corner(104)
Smithwood Green(104)
Tattingstone White Horse(104)
Thorington Street(104)
Upper Somerton(104)
Washbrook Street(104)
Whelp Street(104)
Workhouse Green(104)
List of Selena tours(103)
Untitled Selena album(103)
Software release life cycle(103)
University president(103)
Selena Y Sus Inicios Vol. 1(102)
Selena Y Sus Inicios Vol. 2(102)
Selena Y Sus Inicios Vol. 3(102)
Selena Y Sus Inicios Vol. 4(102)
Préfectures of départements of France(102)
Infobox road/translation/USA(102)
Pope Clement VI(101)
Pope John XXII(100)
Pope Nicholas V(99)
Pope Urban II(98)
Pope Gregory XV(98)
History of Florida(98)
South Florida metropolitan area(98)
Pope Honorius III(97)
Pope Clement IV(96)
Pope Nicholas III(96)
Pope Nicholas IV(96)
Pope Clement XI(96)
Pope Clement XII(96)
Pope Leo IX(95)
Pope Lucius III(95)
Pope Gregory X(95)
Pope Martin V(95)
Pope Adrian VI(95)
Pope Gregory XIV(95)
Education in Florida(95)
Florida Heartland(95)
Forgotten Coast(95)
Government of Florida(95)
List of Florida state parks(95)
Southwest Florida(95)
Transportation in Florida(95)
WWE Vengeance(95)
WWE Rebellion(94)
WWF Invasion(94)
WWF One Night Only(94)
WWF The Wrestling Classic(94)
Pope Clement II(94)
Pope Paschal II(94)
Pope Adrian V(94)
Pope Alexander VII(94)
Pope Clement X(94)
Elihu Root(93)
Pope Sergius I(93)
No Holds Barred (1989 film)(93)
WWE Insurrextion(93)
Pope Clement VIII(93)
Pope Clement XIV(93)
Pope Alexander VIII(92)
Pope Marcellus II(92)
Pope Clement IX(92)
Pope John XII(92)
Pope John XVIII(92)
Pope Victor II(92)
Pope Celestine II(92)
Pope Lucius II(92)
Pope Clement III(92)
Pope Eugene IV(92)
Pope Miltiades(92)
Pope Boniface I(92)
Pope Celestine I(92)
Pope Boniface II(92)
Pope John II(92)
Pope Constantine(92)
Pope Stephen II(92)
Pope John VIII(92)
Pope John XIII(92)
Pope John XIV(92)
Pope Sergius IV(91)
Pope Stephen IX(91)
Pope Alexander II(91)
Pope Honorius II(91)
Pope Urban III(91)
Pope John XXI(91)
Pope Clement I(91)
Pope Urban I(91)
Pope Lucius I(91)
Pope Stephen I(91)
Pope Eusebius(91)
Pope Damasus I(91)
Pope Siricius(91)
Pope Innocent I(91)
Pope Gelasius I(91)
Categories of New Testament manuscripts(91)
Development of the Old Testament canon(91)
Pope Symmachus(91)
Pope Honorius I(91)
Pope John VI(91)
Pope Stephen III(91)
Pope Leo VIII(91)
Pope Benedict VI(91)
Pope Sixtus II(91)
Pope Sergius III(91)
Pope Nicholas II(91)
Pope Pontian(91)
Pope Benedict II(91)
Pope Benedict III(91)
Pope Benedict VII(91)
Pope John XI(91)
Pope Eugene I(90)
Pope John V(90)
Pope Martin IV(90)
Pope Sisinnius(90)
Pope Benedict I(90)
Pope Adrian II(90)
Pope Boniface III(90)
Pope Boniface IV(90)
Pope Boniface VI(90)
Pope Clement XIII(90)
Pope Formosus(90)
Pope Nicholas I(90)
Pope Stephen V(90)
Pope Stephen VI(90)
Pope Victor I(90)
Pope John XVII(90)
Pope Innocent II(90)
Pope Eugene III(90)
Pope Honorius IV(90)
Pope Zephyrinus(90)
Pope Cornelius(90)
Pope Caius(90)
Pope Sylvester I(90)
Pope Julius I(90)
Pope Felix III(90)
Pope Silverius(90)
Pope Vigilius(90)
Pope Boniface V(90)
Pope John VII(90)
Pope Leo VI(90)
Pope Stephen VII(90)
Pope Leo VII(90)
Pope Stephen VIII(90)
Pope John XV(90)
Pope Leo IV(90)
Media Control Charts(90)
Pope Gelasius II(89)
Pope Eleuterus(89)
Pope Dionysius(89)
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