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Sialkot Clock Tower

Sialkot is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. In 2016 about 920,000 people lived here. This makes Sialkot the 12th largest city in Pakistan.

Sialkot is also called the "City of Iqbal". This is because Allama Iqbal was born here.

The city has a strong economy. They are responsible for 10% of all Pakistani exports.[1] They are the world's largest maker of hand-sewed footballs. The 2014 FIFA World Cup's footballs were made by Forward Sports, a company based in Sialkot.[2]

It is home to the Sialkot International Airport, Pakistan's first privately owned public airport.

Notable people from Sialkot

  • Allama Iqbal, the "Spiritual father of Pakistan"
  • Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Minister for Defense, Water & Power
  • Shoaib Malik, former captain of Pakistan national cricket team
  • Main Naeem Javed, Politician, Sportsman
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