List of regions of Japan

Map of the regions of Japan. From north to south: Hokkaidō (red), Tōhoku (green), Kantō (blue), Chūbu (brown), Kansai (teal), Chūgoku (green-yellow), Shikoku (pink) and Kyūshū (yellow).

The Regions of Japan are traditional subdivisions of the nation.[1] The regional divisions are used in many ways. These include maps, geography and weather reports. Regions are used as a basic framework for description and comparison.[2]


In Japan, the traditional regions are cultural makers.[3] For example, according to Kunio Kishida in 1940, "The correct tradition of Japanese culture exists today not within the culture of the center, which has developed under the influence of foreign culture; but rather within regional culture."[4]

Japan's multi-decade "Comprehensive National Development Plan" emphasizes regions in serial studies of patterns of land use and regional society.[5]

The names of many businesses incorporate a regional name.

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