Harvard University

Harvard University
Harvard 1740 by William Burgis.jpg
The university in 1740
Motto in English

US$32.0 billion[3]

PresidentDrew Gilpin Faust
Academic staff
Administrative staff
2,497 non-medical
10,674 medical
Undergraduates7,181 total
6,655 College
526 Extension
LocationCambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
210 acres (85 ha) (Main campus)
22 acres (8.9 ha) (Medical campus)
359 acres (145 ha) (Allston campus)[6]
NewspaperThe Harvard Crimson
Athletics41 Varsity Teams
Ivy League
NCAA Division I
NicknameHarvard Crimson

Harvard University is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a member of the Ivy League. Harvard was started on September 8, 1636, and it is the oldest university in the United States.

Eight Presidents of the United States have graduated from Harvard college and schools.

In 2013 QS ranked Harvard as the second best university in the world.[7]

Harvard is on the Charles River. Some students go to the Charles River for rowing. On the other side of the Charles River is the city of Boston. Boston's subway system has a stop at Harvard. Some of Harvard's graduate schools are in Boston, but most of Harvard's schools are in Cambridge. Together, these schools are Harvard University.

The school color is crimson, which is a dark red color.

Harvard has over $30 billion and derivatives that gave it exposure to $7.2 billion in commodities and foreign stocks.

Harvard has many libraries like Widener Library. There are other facilities like skating rinks and the Malkin Athletic Center where students can swim and exercise.

Another famous school close to Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Harvard's president is Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard's first woman president. The president before her, Lawrence Summers, was a controversial president because of things he said about women and the way he ran things. In 2006, Summers told Harvard's students and professors that he would resign in the summer and no longer serve Harvard as president. Summers is an economist and worked as the Director of the White House's National Economic Council for President Barack Obama.

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