Emperor Meiji
English: Emperor Meiji

Emperor of Japan
Meiji tenno1.jpg
Reign3 February 1867–30 July 1912
(45 years, 178 days)
Born(1852-11-03)3 November 1852
Died30 July 1912(1912-07-30) (aged 59)
Mozu no Mimihara no naka no misasagi (Osaka)

Emperor Meiji (明治天皇, Meiji-tennō, 3 November 1852–30 July 1912) was the 122nd emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession.[1] His reign lasted from 1867 until his death.[2]

Events of Meiji's life

Meiji's reign was marked by many changes including the move of the Imperial court from Kyoto to Tokyo.


A timeline of major events includes:

  • 1852 (Kaei 5): A son called Sachinomiya is born to Emperor Kōmei
  • 1860 (Ansei 7): Sachinomiya becomes official heir and his personal name (imina) becomes Mutsuhito.
  • 1867 (Keiō 3): Kōmei dies and the responsibility of the throne passes to Crown Prince Mutsuhito.[3]
  • 1868 (Meiji 1): Official beginning of the emperor's reign[2] and Japanese era name becomes the first year of Meiji.[4]
  • 1869 (meiji 2): Marriage to Ichijo Haruko, who becomes Empress Shoken.[5]
  • 1879 (meiji 12): Prince Yoshihito (the future Taisho Tenno) is born.[6]
Proclamation of Meiji Constitution
The Emperor in a formal session of the Diet.

After death

He died in Tokyo. A detailed account of the state funeral in the New York Times concluded with an observation: "The contrast between that which preceded the funeral car and that which followed it was striking indeed. Before it went old Japan; after it came new Japan."[7]

The spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife are honored at the Meiji Shrine (明治神宮, Meiji Jingū) in Tokyo.[8]

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