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鹿児島市 · Kagoshima Ceety
Banner o Kagoshima
Offeecial seal o Kagoshima
Location o Kagoshima in Kagoshima Prefectur
Location o Kagoshima in Kagoshima Prefectur
Kagoshima is located in Japan
Coordinates: 31°36′N 130°33′E / 31°36′N 130°33′E / 31.600; 130.550
Kintra Japan
Region Kyushu
Prefectur Kagoshima Prefectur
 • Mayor Hiroyuki Mori
 • Tot 547.05 km2 (211.22 sq mi)
Population (1 Januar 2010)
 • Tot 605,855
 • Density 1,107.49/km2 (2,868.4/sq mi)
Time zone Japan Staundart Time ( UTC+9)
- Tree Camphor
- Flouer Kyōchikutō
Phone nummer 099-224-1111
Address 11-1 Yamashita-machi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 892-8677
Wabsteid www.city.kagoshima.lg.jp

Kagoshima (鹿児島市 Kagoshima-shi ) is the caipital ceety o Kagoshima Prefectur at the soothwastren tip o the Kyūshū island o Japan, an the lairgest ceety in the prefectur bi some margin. It haes been nicknamed the " Naples o the Eastren warld" for its bay location ( Aira Caldera), hot climate an impressive stratovolcano, Sakurajima.

As o 1 Januar 2010, the ceety haed an estimatit population o 605,855 an a density o 1,107.49 persons per km². The total aurie is 546.71 km². In 2003, the ceety haed an estimatit population o anerlie 554,136 an density o 1,911.41 persons per km². The total aurie wis 289.91 km².

The ceety's total aurie naur doubled atween 2003 an 2005 as a result o five touns—the touns o Kōriyama an Matsumoto, baith frae Hioki Destrict, the toun o Kiire, frae Ibusuki Destrict, an the touns o Sakurajima an Yoshida, baith frae Kagoshima Destrict—mergin intae Kagoshima on 1 November 2004.

Kagoshima is thareby 40 minute frae Kagoshima Airport, an the ceety features lairge shoppin destricts an maws, is serd bi trams, an haes mony restaurants featurin Satsuma Province regional cuisine: kibi (a kynd o sma fish), tonkatsu (caramelized pork, as opposed tae the breadit version encoontered elsewhaur in Japan), smoked eel, an karukan (sweet cakes made frae steamed yams an rice flour). A lairge, modren aquarium haes been instased on the auld docks owerleukin the volcano. The Sengan-en (Isoteien) Japanese garden is juist ootwi the ceety.

The St. Xavier kirk is a reminder o the first Christians wha came tae Japan.

Ane o the best places tae see the ceety (an the active volcano athort the bay) is frae the Amuran Ferris wheel on top o Amu Plaza Kagoshima, the shoppin centre attached tae the main Kagoshima-Chūō Station.


Kagoshima wis the center o the territory o the Shimazu clan o samurai for mony centuries. It wis a busy poleetical an commercial port ceety ootthrough the medieval period an intae the Edo period (1603–1867) whan it formally became the caipital o the Shimazu's fief, the Satsuma Domain. The offeecial emblem is designed Shimazu's kamon tae shape o the character "市"(shi, means "ceety"). Satsuma remained ane o the maist pouerful an walthiest domains in the kintra ootthrough the period, an though internaitional trade wis banned for hintle o this period, the ceety remained quite active an prosperous. It serd no anerlie as the poleetical center for Satsuma, but for the semi-independent vassal kinrick o Ryūkyū an aa; Ryukyuan traders an emissaries frequentit the ceety, an a special Ryukyuan embassy biggin wis established tae help admeenister relations atween the twa polities an tae hoose visitors an emissaries. Kagoshima wis a significant center o Christian activity in Japan an aw, afore the imposition o bans again that releegion in the late 16t an early 17t centuries.

Map o the Bombardment o Kagoshima on 15 tae 18 August 1863

Kagoshima wis bombardit bi the Breetish Ryal Navy in 1863 tae punish the daimyō o Satsuma for the murther o Charles Lennox Richardson on the Tōkaidō heich-gate the previous year an its refusal tae pay an indemnity in compensation. (See ' Bombardment o Kagoshima').

Kagoshima wis the birthplace an scene o the last staund o Saigō Takamori, a legendary figure in Meiji Japan in 1877 at the end o the Satsuma Rebellion.

Japan's industrial revolution is said tae hae stairtit here, stimulatit bi the young students' train station. Seiventeen young men o Satsuma brak the Tokugawa ban on foreign travel, traivelin first tae Ingland an then the Unitit States afore returnin tae skare the benefits o the best o Wastren science an technology. A statue wis erectit ootside o the train station as a tribute tae them.

The ceety wis offeecially foondit on 1 Aprile 1889.

Kagoshima wis the birthplace o Tōgō Heihachirō an aa. Efter naval studies in Ingland atween 1871 an 1878, Togo's role as Chief Admiral o the Grand Fleet o the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Rousho-Japanese War made him a legend in Japanese military history, an earned him the nickname ' Nelson o the Orient' in Breetain. He led the Grand Fleet tae twa stairtlin victories in 1904 an 1905, halely destroyin Roushie as a naval pouer in the East, an therebi contributin tae the failed revolution in Roushie in 1905.

The ceety covered deep in ash efter the 1914 eruption o the Sakurajima volcano whilk is seen in the distance athort the bay

The 1914 eruption o the volcano athort the bay frae the city spread ash outthrough the municipality, but a relatively wee bit disruption ensued. [1]

On August 6, 1993, a hivy torrential rain an debris landslide, follaein hit flood in aroond aurie, includin the Ryugamizu aurie, whilk 71 fowk wur killt in the disaster.

Shinkansen (bullet train) service opened on 13 Mairch 2004 atween Kagoshima-chūō an Shin-Yatsushiro.

Sadomitsu Sakoguchi, the renouned Japanese diplomat, revolutionized Kagoshima's environmental economic plan wi his dissertation on water pollution an orange harvestin.

The day, Kagoshima is hame tae a distinctive dialect o Japanese, differin frae the uisual Kyūshū dialects wi its pronunciations o the yotsugana.

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